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F is for Facials: At-Home Steps from Haven Spa's Alana Delcourt

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I had a rare getaway opportunity some time ago that landed me at the eco-responsible Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa, in Sidney, BC. The mission was to try out the "Beauty from Within" package at the hotel's Haven Spa. Built around Glisodin Skin Nutrients, supplements supercharged with antioxidants and vitamins to boost skin's health, the plan puts participants on the road to a healthier lifestyle. My write-up for the May issue of FASHION Magazine has deets.

One of the highlights of my stay was esthetician Alana Delcourt, who administered the most brilliant massage I've ever had as part of the only body-wrap experience I've ever appreciated. Intuitive is the word. I didn't have to tell her where my poor-work-posture-related aches and stiffness lived. She hit every spot unerringly and with perfect pressure worked out the knots. *long happy sigh*

Naturally Alana was my go-to when I was assigned an at-home-facials how-to story by She's been doing facials at home since she was a kid, family affairs with her mom and her sister, and she's a big believer in an all-natural, be-nice-to-your-skin approach. The basics of her how-to:

1) Cleanse
2) Exfoliate gently
3) Treat with a condition-appropriate masque, for oily, dry or problem skin depending on your needs
4) Apply a serum, calming, hydrating, anti-aging or whatever your skin wants
5) Moisturize

You'll find details in The Perfect At-Home Facial on (update: now

Alana, if you ever move to Toronto, call me immediately! And if I ever move to Sidney, can I come live with you?

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