Lipstick Diary: What I Wore That Day

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Janine Falcon and Charlotte Willer

I've been inspired by Maybelline New York makeup-pro spokesperson Charlotte Willer. When we met a few months back, I was struck by her confident beauty style and amazing blue eyes. Not a stitch of concealer or foundation or eye makeup did she wear. Just bold, bright Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick in Very Cherry.

So I'm going to wear lipstick. It'll be like that time when I first started doing makeup somewhere in the ’90s and I had 30 lipsticks in my kit that I'd never worn -- I wore them all in alphabetical order, a different one every day. These days I have about 847 lipsticks, so forget about any kind of order. Some days I might wear gloss, sure. Gloss takes five years off the face, so I ain't giving it up. And I'll take a couple of snaps and tell you what I wore that day. Maybe there'll be some guests, like Charlotte here... who knows?

Stay tuned, if only to see Staff squirm with indignation whenever it's lip gloss instead of lipstick.