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If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: H&M's Karen Richter and Fall 2010

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It was my writer-friend Liza Herz who pointed out that H&M Canada PR pro Karen Richter (left) was an excellent example of how to wear hammer pants. She's paired them with a simple white tee and a great beaded jacket from H&M's Fashion Against Aids collection, due in only the Queen St. store in Canada on June 3. The heels are pretty great, too -- I'm a sucker for grey, as you might know. Why is it I have no grey shoes? Mystery.

If I were skinny, I'd probably shop only at H&M. Well, maybe not only, but the brand would feature large (in a real-estate way) in my closet. I yearn to look as fashion-hot as one might wearing the coming-this-Fall pieces in the images below (click twice to see larger), and at such affordable prices (up to about $165 CAN).

I should stick these pics on my phone. Not on my fridge because I don't keep food there -- I keep it on the other end of 416.439.0439.

Images courtesy of H&M.