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F is for Free-peat: 100 More Free Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors

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If you missed your chance a couple of weeks ago, here's another opportunity to snag a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor before it hits stores next month. The new ProGlide features a series of more-comfortable-shave upgrades, including finer blades for a closer shave, boosted lube strips for extra glide, and a blade stablizer to prevent even the most minute space shift between the five blades. You'll find details on the improvements here.

Okay, hit the button to get yours now.

UPDATE: Okay, turns out that due to technical difficulties not at all in BeautyGeeks control, the widget reset did not happen as planned -- very large apologies. Staff and I will tweet alerts once the stock is replenished.

UPDATE 2: Get one now!

UPDATE 3: I'm sorry to say all 500 -- yes, there were 500 this time -- appear to have gone, as of early afternoon on Sunday. Thanks for playing!