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Sugar, Sugar: Roots Cupcake Collection

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Roots Disco Pouch in Blush $128

Why? Why is it that now, as I struggle with sugar's diabolical hold over my body, Roots is all "Give Mom some sugar" with their Cupcake Collection all coy and enticing in their windows? Sugar has been so mean to me. It teases and tempts and seduces my willpower away then whispers slyly in strangers' ears, Psst! Go on, congratulate her on her pregnancy. No, really. She'll love that.

I'm not pregnant.

Mmmm, butter-cream icing, I hear as I look at this wee-ish Disco Pouch in Blush pebble leather ($128). Thank GOD those three I-can't-say-no days are done for this month. Now I'm in enough control that I can say, hmm... a sweet pastel aqua or blush bag in deliciously soft leather -- that's sugar I can have. Atkins would approve.

Roots Cupcake Collection is in stores now. Image courtesy of Roots.