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Multiplicity: Many Eye-Makeup Faces of Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock liner

Been thinking 'bout Sandra Bullock. No reason.

For a while it seemed to me she was a one-look pony, shimmery pale lids, defined rather than smudged liner on upper and lower lash lines, lots of mascara on top and bottom lashes, rosy cheeks and subdued lips. Sometimes there'd be a shimmery line of colour under the lower lashes, as in the above photo, and sometimes not, like below and with her fab-lip Oscars-2010 look.

the go-to lined eyes of Sandra Bullock

I'd idly wish someone would just soften the makeup along her lower lash lines. Please, someone just smudge a little, ease up with the low-lash mascara, I'd think. A google-search, however, surprised me.


Lookee here – glowy Sandy B. sans lower-lash emphasis. Instead she's wearing coppery shadow on her lids, a few false lashes and black mascara on her upper lash line, and a champagne shimmer along her lower lash line. There's mascara on those lower lashes, too, but less than usual. Rosy cheeks and low-lustre pink lipstick finishes the look. Fresh. I like. But my favourite look is this one below, taken at TIFF in 2006.

Sandra Bullock at TIFF 2006

I want to know who did this makeup. David Goveia? Alice Kilpatrick? Andrea Claire? Hanoch Drori? Tony Masciangelo? Diana Carreiro? Greg Wencel? Grace Lee? (These are some of the top Canadian makeup pros who usually do celeb faces for TIFF – and they rarely divulge star names. Props. And pooh.) Below is another angle that shows more clearly the simple champagne-gold shimmer shadow on lids and lower lash lines, and the lush, feathery eyelashes thanks to lots of faux-lash clusters à la Quo Individual Lashes #38 ($7.50 at Shoppers Drug Mart. They're my favourite bridal-makeup add-on because they look so pretty and romantic, and feel weightless on the lids). A smudge of dark liner along Bullock's outer upper lids makes the lashes look even thicker. Flushed cheeks and bold lips offset the uncomplicated eye makeup.


And after all that talk of lightened-up eye makeup, I found this smoky-eye image, which looks like maybe it came from an In Style spread. Smoky grey, which looks like it could also be a mossy grey-green, all over the lid, blended into the crease, and swept under the lower lashes. Soft and sultry, more flattering than defined pencil lines.

Sandra Bullock pretty smoky eyes

So that's what I've been thinking about Sandra Bullock.