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Happy Earth: Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear & Other Eco-Responsible Makeup

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Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Bronzer Refill

Since bamboo-wear -- as in clothing -- was outed as more of an earth smack than a handshake, I've been a little wary of "it's-bamboo-and-therefore-eco-friendly" claims. So before I could allow myself to love Physicians Formula's handsome Bamboo Wear refillable compact, I had to know it was produced sans toxic chemicals (it was). I also needed to know that the bamboo silk in Bamboo Wear translucent face powder and bronzer ($13.99 each) is obtained in an eco-responsible manner. So I asked for info and in short order was reassured:

“Our bamboo extract comes from organic silica that is released/exuded by the stem of the female bamboo plant at the leaf nodes or branches.  It was called Tabasheer by the ancient Indian tribes, and was used for its remineralizing properties in the treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis.  In our products, the organic silica from the plants is finely ground into an ultrafine powder that absorbs excess oils, contributes to a silky feel and application and helps to remineralize the skin.”

FASHION Magazine beauty editor Lesa Hannah feels this is an exciting time in natural-beauty world, that we've entered a phase of intense creative development when it comes to improved formulas, performance and product packaging. While I'm compelled to remind folks that choosing a more natural beauty route still comes with risk depending on each person's sensitivities (for instance, I can't use a lipgloss made with fruit pigments because I'm a bit allergic to a variety of fruit), that good and better options are hitting the green marketplace every day is super cool. It rocks to choose a greener product not because it's greener, but because we can't resist it.

In case you missed it when I mentioned the story in an earlier post, for a round-up of other great eco-responsible makeup choices, click through to "10 Best Eco-Friendly Cosmetics" on

Happy Earth Day.