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F is for Fusion, Five, Fella and Free: Snag a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor Gratis

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Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power_June 2010

Gillette seems obsessed with sensitive men. Well, with men for whom shaving = skin trauma: irritation, inflammation, burn.

The theory is that Fusion's rocket-science five-blade set-up gives a closer shave with reduced drag across the skin. The precise, close-together blade placement flattens the skin out, creating a ripple or bulge-free surface as the razor glides across it, thus resulting in a smooth, irritation-free finish. The Power version's AAA-battery-operated micro-pulse action is designed to boost glide even more and further reduce blade resistance.

Fun fact: the guy who oversaw the development of the five-blade set-up was indeed a rocket scientist. For real.

But that was the old Fusion. Coming in June is an updated Fusion ProGlide ($12.99) that features six "upgrades;" the Fusion ProGlide Power ($14.99) features seven:

1) thinner, finer blades with a special coating to improve slice-and-glide ease
2) a blade stablizer to eliminate even the tiniest blade-spacing shift, thus ensuring optimal shave surface and glide
3) larger lubrication strip infused with mineral oil and "lubricating polymers," again to improve the razor's glide
4) on the ProGlide Power only, below the bottom blade, a "microcomb," tiny teeth to guide stubble or hair into the cutting zone
5) at the base of the razor head, a slotted "Snowplow Comfort Guard" that improves skin-surface stretch and helps the razor glide efficiently through shaving foam/gel
6) on the back of the razor's head, at the top, an improved precision trimmer with a comb guard to organize longer hair, and slots to facilitate easy rinsing to keep the blade free of debris
7) heftier grips on the ergo-handle for better control, especially when switching from using the blades at the front to the trimmer on the back

Chances are I don't have to tell you what to do with the blue Fusion ProGlide Challenge widget at the top right of the screen, the one that says "Free Razors" on it. But if you were able to put a hold on the impulse to hit that "Get Yours" button so you could read this post first, now's the time to hit it, before they run out. Some sporty guy named John Cena -- I'm guessing football (and just found out via Pam D that he's a wrestler) -- wants to tell you to "come get some" before the razors hit shelves in June. So go on, tap that. After all, if you're a female reading this, I know how much you like a smooth-shave finish on your man. And if you're a male reading this, you're about to find out how much your partner likes a smooth-shave finish on you.

UPDATE: Oh dear. Someone was here before you. One hundred someones, actually -- all 100 Fusion ProGlides have already been snatched up. Check the Staff's twitter feed just under the ProGlide widget -- she tweeted two other site URLs that may have some left.

UPDATE 2: Well, looks like the samples on those other two sites have now been snagged. If you haven't had a chance to score a Fusion ProGlide sample free, this might be a good time to use your "google button" and do a Canadian site search. Others are out there...