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Stick-er Shock: Natural Bella Balm a Lip Hit

BellaBalm lip balm is silky emollient with organic cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and more.
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My lip-balm-dependent love for squeezy-tube stuff like Green Beaver Après Ski Winter Lip Balm is no secret. While I like a range of balm formulas, I generally prefer gelée textures over sticks: they just can't be beat when it comes to transforming cracked, peely, paper-dry ickness into soft, smooth, healthy looking lips.

So how do I explain my slightly discomfiting attachment to Bella Balm, a stick lip balm? I find myself patting my pockets to make sure I have it before I leave home, or desperately searching pockets in cast-aside clothing and purses to find it if I haven't already got it on my person. I need to have it close by when I'm laptopping at home. At the moment it's on my little table right in front of my keyboard, lying in a small scatter of two rings I was wearing yesterday, a Chanel liner sharpener and two emptied Starbucks cards. It's within reach. And I feel comforted.

Bella Balm ($9.99) is a natural recipe whipped up by LBD (lip-balm dependent) Canadians Megan MacMillan and Zameret Kleiman, who couldn't find satisfaction with the more than 10 different brands of lip balm they already owned between them. Its excellent silky, emollient glide comes from organic cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil, among others, and includes organic wax to help the softening effects last. Peppermint oil gives it a feel-good minty tingle.

I still think cracked lips will benefit most from squeezy-tube balms, but BellaBalm really gets the dryness-begone job done. Megan, you promised it would surpass my expectations. You were right.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Bella Balm is no more. Although beloved by LBD beauty editors, the balm has been discontinued as the owners explore new business ventures.

Image courtesy of Bella Balm.