Britney Spears: Don't Retouch Me There

Britney Spears retouching, Candies, Jamie Lee Curtis
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Is it wrong to be amused at Britney Spears' latest publicity offering? The singer has released true-and-false images of herself from a Candies ad campaign to illustrate how hard it is to live up to beauty expectations. The UK MTV folks seem to think Spears is making a courageous statement -- or maybe they're being ironic. Either way, gone are the days when a makeup artist has to do all the corrective work -- no body makeup required, it seems.

Certainly Spears is no Jamie Lee Curtis, who pulled back the Photoshop-Spanx-liposuction curtain for More Magazine in 2002. That was brave.

Jamie Lee Curtis_More 2002

Perhaps Spears is looking for kudos on her pre-Photoshop physique. I'll give them to her, actually. We've seen less flattering photos of her when she's really off her game, and frankly, here hers is a pre-phototrickery bod I'd buy for myself if I could get one that fits.

In the same realm of safe celeb self-revelation, we have Jessica Simpson's recent no-makeup Marie Claire cover. Maybe she did clean up at nature's beauty buffet. Easy enough to check by googling "Jessica Simpson no makeup." That magazine cover, though, makes me think someone needs to learn to clean her eye makeup off properly. Tsk tsk tsk.

Hmmm. New thought: maybe what really disturbs me about the Brit Spears images is the 1980s I-sponge-painted-that-wall-myself "after" background?