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Cheek Thrills: Mary Kay Cheek Glaze

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Mary Kay Cheek Glaze: the best Mary Kay product ever, but sadly limited-edition

Mary Kay Cheek Glaze: the best Mary Kay product ever, but sadly limited-edition

There's a new flush in my cheeks that has nothing to do with Clive-O or my latest couch-cougar crush, Zach Levi. These days, I'm aglow with and for Mary Kay Cheek Glaze in Pomegranate ($20). A light, gel-based blush formulated with soybean oil (rich in omegas 3 and 6) and watermelon seed oil (high in omegas 6 and 9), which help to preserve skin's moisture levels, and tocopherol (Vitamin E), Cheek Glaze makes me grinny. Yup. Grinny.

I first fell for a blush like this in DuWop's original Bronzerush, which featured a bronzing powder and a gel blush in this same sheer kid-like hue. (For the last couple of years, the blush in Bronzerush has been more of a creamy peachy pink. *shrug*) 

Sweep bronzer on first, tap the gel blush on the outer roundness of the apples of the cheek, et voilà : a gorgeous sun-kissed flush that looks like you spent the day frolicking on a white-sand beach like a fit, toned goddess. It's a look that inspires jealousy, really, which is why I've stuck to a product shot here rather than a photo of what it looks like on me.

Cheek Glaze does double duty as a lip colour too; it imparts a soft bitten-lip sheen without looking like gloss. I like it over or under a dab of clear lip balm (my lips tend toward a little dryness).

Of course Cheek Glaze is the newest member of my back-of-the-cab makeup bag of quick tricks, stuff I can get on my face in a jiffy as I'm racing from one place to another. So I can show up looking like a goddess. Okay, in my own mind. But that's where it's most important to look like a goddess, innit?

Mary Kay Cheek Glaze is available from Mary Kay beauty reps. Image courtesy of Mary Kay.