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Working Girl: The Chic-er Side of Sears

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Had Willow been outfitted in this sexy-sweet print blouse, high-waist pencil skirt and glossy heels, there would have been more surprise than snark in Cordy's "Good to see you've seen the softer side of Sears" comment on "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." And yes, it's Sears -- Sears Attitude, to be precise-- and the answer to last week's "Guess the Show" post.


If I were skinny, I'd wear that. In fact, I'd wear much of what I saw in the show, and judging from similar reactions in the audience around me, I'm not alone (the paper-bag waist pants in particular were a hit).


Fashion forward? Maybe not. But certainly most of the Sears Attitude Fall 2010 collection adds up to currency in an affordable office-chic wardrobe. Click over to to see all the show photos (Jenna Marie Wakani takes much better runway shots than I do).

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