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F is for Full Figure: Crystal Renn and Her Hair at LG Fashion Week Fall 2010

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Crystal Renn backstage b4 the Joe Fresh show_LG Fashion Week Fall 2010_photo by Janine Falcon

Turns out beauty editors are as fascinated with 23-year-old Crystal Renn as everyone else is. Backstage at LG Fashion Week, a crew of beauty types crowded around Renn as she sat for makeup and hair before the Joe Fresh show Wednesday evening. We discovered she uses eye cream (she likes Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash and occasionally uses RoC), is obsessed with her brows ("do you think we could fill in this part here a little?" she asked makeup pro Eddie Malter as she pointed to the the beginning of her left brow), appreciates statement jewelry ("your ring is major," she told me about my Lia Sophia piece -- yes the one I wore on "Stephen and Chris"), and does not colour her hair. Clever Jill Dunn, beauty editor at Glow Magazine, got lots of Renn's beauty secrets, so watch for them in upcoming issues of the mag.

Crystal Renn w makeup artist Eddie Malter bkstg LG Fashion Week Fall 2010_photo by Janine Falcon

The makeup for the Joe Fresh show was all about healthy, glowing, gorgeous skin -- click here for my story on Malter's makeup approach to Renn's face. The hair, said lead hair artist Eric del Monaco, was "all about extremes": Super-long faux ponytails with lots of volume at the top of the head to balance.

Crystal Renn bkstg hair Joe Fresh Fall 2010_LG Fashion Week_photos by Janine Falcon

To start, del Monaco sectioned off the back of Renn's hair and parted the front section in the centre to create two wide panels that fell either side of her face. He secured the back in a tight bun, then fitted the faux ponytail (constructed like a long sleeve) onto the bun and pinned it into place. Using a Studio Line Mineral FX Modeling Gel Creme to create texture and add control, he mussed the top of Renn's hair, then twisted sections from the front and sides as he pulled them back to wind them around the base of the ponytail.

Crystal Renn bkstg hair Joe Fresh Fall 2010 ponytail teasing_LG Fashion Week_photo by Janine Falcon

To achieve fullness in the ponytail, del Monaco first used L'Oréal Professionnel Fix Design Directional Fixing Spray to give the synthetic hair more gut, then spritzed it with L'Oréal Elnett Hairspray as he and an assistant teased it to the extreme. Throughout, Renn calmly caught up on her Time Magazine reading.


By the way, word is Renn takes a size small in Joe Fresh. Before you freak about being misled about Renn's proportions, remember that Joe fits generously. And although our little group backstage debated at length whether Renn, is really a size 12 ("maybe she's a 10 but photographs as a size 12," I speculated), we're still mixed on our thoughts on the subject. Frankly, Renn, who stands about 5'9", just looked healthy and fit and strong. And I know from a recent in-store experience in which a salesperson who also works as a stylist thought I was two sizes smaller than I am, we can't always tell by looking. Here, you try -- check out's full gallery of images here.

Runway photo by Jenna Marie Wakani; courtesy of