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Mix Master: Quo Lipstick Palette Kit

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Quo Lipstick Palette Kit

The Quo Lipstick Palette Kit ($18) makes me want to get all mix-a-lot with my lip colours and formulas. A natty little set of task-specific implements -- wee spatula, melting cup and an eight-well palette -- adds such charm to a project. And this one promises pro-looking pretty results rather than what would have been messy scrapes of leftover lipstick shmushed into place. That tidy finish appeals to my Virgo side.

The how-to: Use the mini spatula to scoop out what's left of your lipstick from the tube and put in the cup. Microwave on low or medium in five-second intervals (watch it carefully -- you don't want it to bubble), give it a stir, then pour the melt into your chosen palette well. You might like to combine two or more shades, mix in some lip balm, or see what you get if you add a little gloss -- you're in charge. And of course, let the mix cool before using it. Gotta be careful when messing with what's essentially hot wax.

UPDATE: You may also want to avoid micro-melting metallic lip colours. Kosha (see comment below) may have served up fried microwave as a result -- ouch! :-(

Quo is available at Shoppers Drug Mart.