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F is for Funny Face: Photoshop Yours In w/ Biotherm Homme Chris Noth to Win

Photoshop your face into this photo with Chris Noth
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I'm with Chris Noth. You can be too! Sort of...

I'm with Chris Noth. You can be too! Sort of...

So many people have told me they want to photoshop their own faces into this pic of Biotherm homme Chris Noth and me that I thought I'd just give 'em -- and you -- the opportunity, and offer a chance to win a prize, too. 'Cuz I'm like that.

Click on the image, and when the screen changes, click on it again to get at the Big version to save to your desktop. Photoshop in your face -- or someone else's if the fancy strikes -- and email it as an attachment to with CHRIS NOTH in the subject line. Last day to enter is Thursday April 8. The next day, I'll post the best of the bunch for your voting pleasure, and award the most popular choice with a present of a Biotherm basket of goodies.

To participate, you must be a Beautygeeks subscriber (click here if you aren't yet), and you must live in North America. When you e.mail your photo, be sure to include your address and phone number so I know where to find you if you win.

Now go on and enjoy face time with Chris Noth.