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Seeing Red: Bold Lips on Ash Koley a Siren Call to all BeautyGeeks

Ash Koley creates beauty stir with red lipstick at Chris Noth cocktail party
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Vocalist Ash Koley of Ash Koley 090310

Ashley Koley, frontwoman for "a band comprised of two people: Ash Koley and Phil Deschambault" according to their MySpace profile, may not have known it in advance, but the very best thing she could have done is wear that lip colour during a performance at a press thingie two nights ago.

First, it was a cocktail party to celebrate a new launch from Biotherm Homme as well as its new face, Chris Noth (Sex and the City, "The Good Wife"). Second, the crowd was peppered with the country's beauty editors as well as makeup artists and photographers, who, well primed with Sandra Bullock's winning Oscar look, went nuts for the pretty singer and her wonderful lip colour. Within seconds of Ash Koley having taken the stage, the buzz was, "omigod, what is she wearing on her lips?"

Some folks -- yes, yours truly -- beelined for Eddie Maleterre, official makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris Canada and Artistic Director for LG Fashionweek in Toronto. "Didyoudohermakeupandwhatsthenameofthatlipstick?" I demanded. But Eddie was enjoying a rare evening off as a guest; he hadn't done Ash's makeup. So we swarmed the poor girl as soon as we could after the band's catchy set ended.

Turns out Ash did her own makeup --  she sweetly said she's a beautygeek, too, when I got up in her face -- and that amazing red lipstick shade is a combo she wears often. A combo she had to repeat several times as I tried to memorize it and as Chatelaine's Kate Daley scrambled for a pen and paper to write things down (thank you, KD!).

Here's what you need to get what we'll call Ash Koley Red:

MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry
MAC Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo
MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Show Orchid

For the rest of Ash's flawless look, you'll want MAC Tinted Moisturizer set with Mineralize SkinFinish/Natural, and Crystal Avalanche eye shadow dusted high on cheekbones and dabbed at the inner corners of your eyes.

We can't all be the hottie vocalist of a band music guru Alan Cross just called an "act to watch this year" (typo aside), but damn, there's no denying the power of that perfect shade of red. Ash Koley Red.

MAC Cosmetics available at More from Ash Koley on the band's Facebook page.