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F is for Fujifilm F70 EXR: Fave Shots from Montreal Fashion Week FW 2010

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models on set of Dubuc's FW 2010 campaign shoot_croppedcolour

Staff's freaked because this post has a Friday "F is for" headline and it's Wednesday. She knew I was waiting for a related link to go live before publishing, but still she's all jangly about it. She amuses me.

Anyway, I had some digi-camera fun last week, thanks to a Fujifilm FinePix F70 EXR model I was trying out. My first play session was Monday's Philippe Dubuc campaign shoot on board the docked 730-foot Gordon C. Leitch freighter in Old Montreal's quai Alexandria. And the above photo of Jesse, Taras and Shawn, the three Elmer Olsen models in Dubuc's fall/winter 2010 campaign, is my favourite. I thank the nifty Intelligent Face Detection feature, which zeroed in on the key part of what I'd framed in the lens before I depresed the shutter key. ("Depressed" is a funny word here, because I'm pretty sure I heard the camera shout "YAY!" when I snapped this shot.) Here's the before-crop, with photographer Martin Rondeau.

Dubuc's Northern Sailor fall_winter 2010 campaign shoot

More fun photos, including one with makeup and hair artist Marco Marsolais, whom I'd met years ago when I was at Canadian Living. He and I had a great chat about the manly hair and makeup for Dubuc's campaign -- read about it here on Ordinarily I'd crop in closer, but I like that in the background you can see the designer being interviewed by a journalist, as well as a camera crew filming the shoot.

Janine Falcon with Marco Marsolais on set of Dubuc's f_w 2010 campaign shoot

Oh, did I forget to tell you how we got onto the freighter? The ladies were warned not to wear heels.

Stairway to Dubuc campaign shoot

Yes, this is a shot of a wee bottles of iced cider, offered as refreshment for the Dubuc event. I don't really drink, nor do I particularly like much wine, but I love this ice-wine-type stuff. Nectar. I had only one, though, and took ages to drink it because I kept stopping to take pictures -- I blame Fujifilm.

Neiges iced cider

Another highlight was later catching a collaborative session backstage between designer Judith Desjardin and Denis Binet, Creative Director of Hair for Montreal Fashion Week and Consulting Stylist for Pantene. Desjardin had brought in some wings crafted from real feathers in the hopes of adding them to her J.U.D.E. runway show, part of a tribute to Alexander McQueen.


Once I got the snap-timing right, I managed to get a few decent runway shots, including one the next evening from J.U.D.E featuring the wing hair accessory. The camera has an auto-adjust function for different lighting situations, and I think a shutter-speed thing I have yet to figure out, but this is still better than my old camera could have done.

Jude_tribute to McQueen

Of course my fave shot of the week is the first in this post. It's actually mollified the Staff some -- she says it almost makes up for the Friday/Wednesday thing. HAH. She's easy, that's what.

Visit for a BeautyGeeks take on Philippe Dubuc's Fall ad campaign. Visit for more on the FinePix F70 EXR.