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Geeking Out: Charlotte Hosten Necklaces

Quebec designer Charlotte Hosten makes swoonworthy necklaces
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Is it wrong that my favourite part of this Montreal Fashion Week F/W 2010 is my beautiful new Charlotte Hosten necklace? Mine is the same style as these two above, part of the jewelry designer's permanent prêt-a-porter collection, and it means I can now stock my wardrobe with basics and simple lines so I can show it off. If I were skinny I'd wear it a white tank and jeans, or with a sleek black fine-knit turtleneck sweater and highwaisted nautical pants. But happily, the necklace is so swoon-worthy that it doesn't really matter whether I'm skinny or not. Basic black, grey, whatevs -- my necklace, navy with one deep pink flower that I can change to any of the other colours you see above, will attract and distract. Genius.

Learn more about the 25-year-old designer, who has been creating such work for about 15 years already, here, and peruse her full collection of haute couture and custom pieces here. You can also see her work in today's edition of Metro News across Canada.

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