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Derm vs Drugstore: Is Skincare from the Dermatologist's Office Better than Drugstore Stuff?

The truth about pharmaceutical-grade skincare
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Alexis Jardin_photo by Denise Grant

So you think the skincare you get from a dermatologist is better than the stuff you get from the drugstore, right? Well, maybe it is. Or maybe it isn't.

Some skincare brands sold only through dermatologists do indeed contain higher levels of active ingredients. Some brands are exactly the same, sold by derms as well as by drugmarts. Some companies, such as Canadian manufacturer Canderm, make products that are exclusive to dermatologist offices and others that are only sold at drugstores.

Find out more via my story The Truth About Pharmaceutical-Grade Skincare, which just hit after appearing in the January/February 2010 issue of Best Health Magazine.

Photo of Alexis Jardin by Denise Grant. Hair by AJ; makeup by JF