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Let Me Eat Cake: 10 Riskiest Foods via Karen Kwan's + a Workation Plan

A visit to Karen Kwan's yields a 10-riskiest-foods list plus take-on-vacation suggestions
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cupcakes_daisies by sweethings dot ca

Popped over to see what industry pal Karen Kwan, formerly of Flare Magazine, is up to on and discovered via a link that I am something of an adventurer: a few of my favourite foods are dangerous business. Note to self: move cake up my fave-food list.

I'm heading off on a little work jaunt next week, to Montreal and then to NYC. As well as a proper desk and chair in each hotel room, a set-up I'm perhaps unusually excited about, I'm hoping to snag a little free time in between deadlines in order to elevate the trip at least to a workation. A couple of things on Karen's take-on-vacation list should help. One in particular is a no brainer as a hot travel companion which, although risky to leave unattended, can only add to a room's decor.

I could've made a beefcake crack, but thought better of it given the first part of this post's title. Just sayin'.

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