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Geeking Out: Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Kaska Beige

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Chanel Les 4 Ombres Kaska Beige

I'm swooning some over Chanel's Spring eye shadow quad in Kaska Beige ($61). Sure the combination of shades is beautiful, but really it's about the finishes. With the exception of last fall's grease-paint-esque texture, many of the quads over the last few seasons have been about exuberant shimmer and outright silvery sparkle. This one, Kaska Beige, is instead a gorgeous suede-y mix of finishes: satin vanilla, matte taupe brown, soft-sheen metallic plum brown, and a caramel beige shimmer described in the press kit as golden sparkle, but to a much finer degree than before.

I know, I know -- the Spring collection hit counters in mid-Jan. Just means that if you want of your own, you'd better hurry. It's a worthy splurge -- or birthday-gift request.

Available at department stores. Image courtesy of Chanel.