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A Tweet Trend: The 140 on Grey Nails for Fall 2010 + Video

FASHION Magazine's beauty editor Lesa Hannah tweets on Fall 2010's grey nail polish trend
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A recent Twitter highlight for me was catching the entertaining New York Fashion Week backstage tweets from Fashion Magazine's beauty editor Lesa Hannah as she hunted down the Fall 2010 beauty trends. Along with interviews with industry superstars such as makeup artists Dick Page, Tom Pecheaux, Francois Nars, Gordon Espinet and Gucci Westman (and an encounter with cranky hairstylist Orlando Pita), she snagged chat time with nail pros such as Nonie Creme from Butter London, Jin Soon Choi, who did a collection for MAC last season, Jan Arnold and Roxanne Valinoti of Creative Nail Design (CND), Deborah Lippmann and Yuna Park (in vid below). And happily for those of us who fell for Fall 2009's grey shades for nails, there's more to come:

US PR person asked me today if I'd adjusted to the time change yet. How is that some Americans don't know Toronto is north of NYC. Oy. 10:16 PM Feb 14th

Orlando pita is a crank. 9:41 AM Feb 15th

Marc Jacobs' call time being pushed back to 4:30 from 6pm. MJ team apparently being tough! 2:40 PM Feb 15th

Nail colours at MJ are 5 custom shades of grey! 4:41 PM Feb 15th

Marc just came backstage. Photo frenzy ensued. 5:11 PM Feb 15th

Loved all the greys in MJ's collection. Suddenly my fresh NYC manicure in Essie's "Chinchilly" is even more apropos. 8:38 PM Feb 15th

Tom Pecheux told me he liked my mani colour. 9:09 AM Feb 16th

Think i just saw Orlando Pita arguing w/a journalist. Staying away! 9:12 AM Feb 16th

Jin Soon Choi (doing nails at Rodarte) also commented on Chinchilly. 12:07 PM Feb 16th

Jin Soon Choi using a still-to-be-named MAC shade on nails at Rodarte. Silvery and slightly sparkly, she described it as "dreamy". 12:14 PM Feb 16th

Jan Arnold of CND also commented on Chinchilly nails; told her she MUST release the CND MJ 5 based on the shades they mixed last night. 3:54 PM Feb 16th

Another custom grey nail polish this time mixed by Yuna Park at Oscar de la Renta. 10:26 AM Feb 17th

I never want to talk to Orlando Pita again. 10:55 AM Feb 17th

The nicest people to interview this week: Odile Gilbert, Diane Kendal, Eugene Souleiman. Everyone else cranky, too cool or cold. 2:41 PM Feb 17th

Francois Nars sweet too but only saw him once. Same with Gordon Espinet (wish I saw more). Oh and ALL the nail people were amazing too. 2:43 PM Feb 17th

Can't forget Gucci Westman--so lovely! Beautiful with amazing style too. And has begun to recognize me everytime I show up. 2:45 PM Feb 17th

Also met Sally Hershberger's former assistant, Mike, who I recognized from Toronto event! Working for Pita now. Says Orlo is nice to him. 2:47 PM Feb 17th

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