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F is for Furor: Undressed Canadian Male Olympians -- We Have Those? WE Do!

Gold-Medalist Speed Skater François-Olivier Roberge and other Canadian male Olympians take their clothes off for Chatelaine Magazine
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Well damn. Miss an issue of Chatelaine and almost miss all the fun.

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Oh yes, I'm firmly on the side of fun with this cheeky story in which our male Olympic athletes, including Francois-Olivier Roberge (left), appear undressed -- unexpected from a Canadian lifestyle magazine, and yes, unexpected from Chatelaine. Our Olympians can be s-e-x-y, which if you ask me is a far more interesting four-letter word than n-i-c-e. I'm happy to play couch cougar and appreciate an image of Roberge, a 24-year-old long-track speed skater from St-Nicolas, Quebec, and get a few deets on his cutting-edge achievements: three top-10 performances in 1,000 metres at world cup races last season, and he's ranked 3rd in Canada in 1,000 metres. He finished 20th at the Winter Games 2010 in long track, but, along with team members Mathieu Giroux, Lucas Makowsky and Denny Morrison, hit the top of the podium with Gold for the Team Pursuit race. I expect we'll see more from him at the next games, too. M-o-r-e is also a good four-letter word.

Oddly, though, if you take a little scroll-stroll through the comments following the online version of the story, the idea that our Olympians could take clothes off for photos -- *gasp*! Shock! Horror! Disrespect! There seems to be a bit of a furor over the appropriateness of it all.

Doesn't seem to me that any athlete was harmed in the making of this story. What's wrong with admiring the healthy physiques of people who've worked hard for their accomplishments? I'd have watched more of the Olympics if I'd seen this story earlier, I admit it. What about you? You for, or against?

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