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The Secret: Look Into the Light to get a Good Profile Pic

How to take a good profile photo (aka selfie)
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Estee Lauder shot

Yup, I'm a bit of a numbnuts. You'd think that with a little modelling in my career past that I'd know enough to look into the light rather than into the reflector when having a headshot taken at the recent Estee Lauder makeup-and-profile-photo event. But no. Thanks to my gap in photosmarts, we get a shot with rather significant re-touching because I didn't take a second to think about things. (The digital airbrushing was executed onsite by photographer Ingrid Punwani’s colleague before prints/digital images were released. Dude didn't have the luxury of fine-detail time. )


Minutes before having the top profile photo taken, I took this one with Estee Lauder beauty advisor Nazy Khoshghalb myself. And looked into the light. See how a flash can blast out shadows and fine lines? No Photoshop here. And take further note: This angle's better too -- you can't see the 43.7 lbs a camera can add. So when you take your own photo, shoot from a titch above (like this) and look up with your eyes, not your face. (Oddly, the retouched shot also seems to have added a few total-face-lift years as well as sizes. What the?)

photo set up

So, the takeaway? When you go in for your makeup-and-headshot fun at the Estee Lauder counter (next at Sears on Robson from Feb 18 to 21; The Bay Bayshore on April 9; and The Bay Fairview on April 10), be sure to direct your pretty face toward the big light thingy, not the flat reflector. And take some fun self-portraits with your digi-cam.

If you haven't booked your free 45-minute counter session yet, book now. The event at Holts on Bloor booked up fast.

Estee Lauder's Your Beauty, Your Style, Your Profile events are listed on the EL Facebook page.