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F is for Fanbook: Toronto Teenager OK in Lady GaGa's Book

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It's a different kind of Valentine's Day story today: See that wiggy blonde in shades up there? That's Lady GaGa with fans in Chicago last month, according to fansite (the girl in the red wig is the site's administrator). See that book? That figure in the book, on the page that says "Lady GaGa ate my heart," to your right? That's Buzz Garling, a Grade 9 student at Toronto's Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.

Buzz, a just-turned-15 aspiring fashion designer, submitted the image in response to a post encouraging fanbook submissions. "It’s my low budget interpretation of her VMA performance of 'Paparazzi,'" he says. "It really spoke to me. The fact that she could be writhing in blood, nearly being crucified on stage, live, was such a trip."

The outfit is simple -- a white shirt and leggings. "Makeup is just a ton of Mac Carbon eye shadow, intentionally messy and wounded, with Mac 3D Silver Glitter on the tearduct," explains Buzz. And it's a self-photographed shot, using a camera on tripod in a corner of the teen's room.

"[I'm] SO thrilled," he says about seeing LG with his work. He hasn't been contacted by, so he doesn't know whether GaGa has the book open to that page for any particular reason. He found the image by chance, when he clicked on a thumbnail during a later site visit. His excitement at the discovery resulted in a sleepless night, and why not? It ain't every day you get proof that your favourite celeb has received your love letter.

buzz - lady gaga ate my heart

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