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F is for Frieda and 50% Off: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder & Colour Renew

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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder and Colour Renew

I've mentioned John Frieda Collection's Go Blonder and Colour Renew in stories for other media outlets, but haven't really highlighted them in a BeautyGeeks post -- my bad. They're a brilliant way to duck your colourist a bit longer and save your beauty pennies for something else. And at the moment they and the rest of the John Frieda haircare line appears to be on sale everywhere for about half the usual $12.99 price tag because retailers are making way for the new-look bottles (above) scheduled to hit drugstore shelves next month.

Go Blonder lightens already-light colour with lactic acid, gently and without drying. The amonia- and peroxide-free formula won't get you from brunette to blonde; it's not strong enough. But it'll boost blonde for a sun-kissed effect.

Colour Renew employs colour-wheel smarts with a subtle, sheer lavender tint (lavender sits opposite yellow on the colour wheel) to take brassy back to blonde. Alain Larivée, Canadian creative consultant for John Frieda Professional Hair Care and a favourite stylist of Canadian beauty editors, says it's also great for refreshing red hair hues.

Sure, this can fit a Valentine's Day theme. Hyper breathing, quickened pulse, body tingles... who doesn't love a sale?

Images courtesy of John Frieda Collection.