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Makeover Madness: Chantel Simmons, Love Struck and More Giveaways

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Chantel Simmons Lovestruck

What if you discovered your adored hubs was stepping out? What if, before you can tackle him about it, he gets struck by lightening and loses his memory? What if you manage to meet the other woman and discover she's a whole lot of everything you aren't? What if, to save your marriage, you put your image-consultant skills to work giving yourself a makeover to become that other woman so hubs has no reason to look elsewhere?

Love Struck by Chantel Simmons is scheduled to hit bookstore shelves a day after Valentine's Day. To celebrate, the Toronto-based writer, author of the successful Stuck in Downward Dog and all-around lovely, is having a 14 Days of Love Struck Giveaway, a two-week stretch of fashion and beauty you-could-win treats, starting today.

I first met Chantel when she was at Elle Canada -- since then she's also been assistant editor at TV Guide, editor-in-chief and publisher of Elevate Magazine and recently editorial director at The woman kills me with her accomplishments, effortless style and storytelling skill, as well as her clever crafting and baking abilities (she's seriously, unfairly multi-talented).

Get to know Chantel here, and click here to get in on her 14 Days of Love Struck. And mark your calendar for the day after Valentine's Day.