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How-To Vids: Wide-Awake Eyes and Makeup for Glasses by Michelle Phan

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Michelle Phan

Thanks, Wynne Huerta, for reminding me about Michelle Phan, another YouTube how-to success. Michelle, a trained artist -- as in paint and illustration -- is such a success her tutorials have been hit more than 50 million times and, as of October 2009, she's represented by prestigious NYC agency Jed Root, who reps makeup-artist superstars Dick Page and Laura Mercier. She also developed a skincare line called IQQU.

In the first of these two vids, not only does Michelle demo one of my favourite "I'm-alert-and-paying-attention" tricks with white liner, she maxes out her lashes by using a business card during her mascara application. (I'd first seen an ’80s supermodel -- Kathy Ireland maybe? -- do that trick with a Kleenex on the "Vicki Lawrence Show" some years back. The biz card is better.)

In this next vid, you get a great look at a fun false-lash application. I don't know how she positions them with cotton swabs without ending up with white fuzzies stuck to her eyes.

Image courtesy of MichellePhan. Click here to check out her varied collection of tutorials, which includes "airplane makeup," "double-winged liner,"  quirky "animé eyes" and "Lady Gaga Poker Face."