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Double Take: Two Looks on Olivia Wilde

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I love how makeup can change a person's image. I'm usually not a fan of Olivia Wilde's makeup; she tends to focus on lots of eye liner and thin, precisely arched brows, which together can make her look severe. Then I caught the Golden Globes coverage on Michelle Villett's Michelle expressed her own preference for Olivia's look at The People's Choice Awards (above left) over her look at the GG (above right) and linked to a photo, at which I did a double take. Michelle, I'm totally in agreement.

I have an enduring preference for youthful fresh-faced pretty, which is exactly Olivia's PC look: soft brows, shimmery pink/champagne on her lids, black mascara on lashes, rosy pink on cheeks and bright berry lips. Sweet, sophisticated, engaging and approachable. Her GG look, however, is total sex-bomb, with sharper brows, boldly-lined and faux-lashed cat eyes and bubble-gum pink lips, which, along with the high ponytail, give the look a kittenish finish. It's a hot-girl clubbing look, but not so much sophisticated. Okay, I'm just going to say it: her GG look is a little porn star.

I'm looking forward to a softened smoky approach for Olivia's next look. Smoked out shadow without obvious hard lines or those false lashes, plus a more neutral lip would be killer on her. And more modern, more chic.

Olivia Wilde girl-next-door

Just for fun, here's the actress looking very girl-next-door, with minimal makeup -- a little brow definer, liner, mascara and maybe lip balm.

I love how makeup can change a person's image.

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