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Punctuation: Essie Chinchilly and Lia Sophia Cluster Disc Necklace

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Essie Chinchilly

I'm tickled at being asked about the nail polish and the necklace I wore on that there "Steven and Chris" segment. The polish is Chinchilly, from Essie's fall collection. First I heard of it was Fashion Magazine's Lesa Hannah geeking out over it via Twitter in September; now it's a favourite grey of the winter season. I actually don't own it yet -- my sister kindly lent me her bottle just before a mani appointment I had booked at Concepts, which had been sold out of the shade for a few weeks (they sell it, but oddly it's not in the bank of polishes they use for clients).

Lia Sophia Cluster Disc Necklace and Disc Earrings with White Enamel in Matte Hematite

The necklace is from the Lia Sophia Red Carpet Midnight collection. Called the Cluster Disc Necklace, it's beautifully finished in white enamel and black diamond crystals set in matte hematite. And it's really heavy. As far as burdens go, however, it's certainly one I can bear (well, for a few hours).