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Helping Haiti: Donations Via this CRISIS ALERT Link (right) Matched by Canadian Government

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Haiti match banner EN 3

My friend Janice spotted Crisis Alert help-Haiti banners on The Humanitarian Coalition's website and rightly suggested I might like to put one on BeautyGeeks. That's it up there to the right, above the Staff Twitter feed.

On the coalition's website, the graphic switches back and forth between the "Crisis Alert" text and an image that reads "Click here to donate now!" I can't get it to work the same way, but if you click on the box, it'll take you straight to the site anyway.

Why this site? Janice chose it because the Canadian government has committed to matching funds donated through The Humanitarian Coalition, which, she points out, maximizes our ability to help if we can't afford to give as much as we'd like.

Good thinking, J. And good helping.

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