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Same Jar, New Content: 3LAB Hydrating-Vita Cream

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Hydrating-Vita Cream LR

When the co-founder/co-owner and the president of a rising-star luxury skincare company tell you their key focus is cramming the highest percentages of quality, active ingredients into their products, no matter what it costs, you take notice. When they tell you their products, which have only been in department stores such as Barneys, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales for three years yet are outselling Chanel and Dior in Barneys in San Fransisco and Las Vegas, you take notice. And you take notice when they tell you that not only do they research, develop and manufacture their brand (which is now also available in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Dubai) at their own New Jersey facilities, competitors actually come to them to purchase raw ingredients and formulations.

Co-founder and co-owner Erica Chung says, too, that because the company is small and privately owned, rather than spend millions in advertising, she concentrates on the formulas and on a counter sampling program that has customers coming back as soon as they've used up their trial size.

3LAB's Hydrating-Vita Cream first came out seven years ago, but re-launches with an entirely new and better formula in March (if you love the existing cream, it's at Murale now). Why the same jar? Because, Chung says, the revamp is about updating the product with the best ingredients and textures available now to deliver the best hydrating results for dry skin.

The new 3LAB Hydrating Vita-Cream ($145 CAN) is a refreshing gel-cream chock full of antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C and E as well as plant extracts to defend against free-radical damage. It contains barley extract and super-hydrating hyaluronic acid for long-lasting, skin-plumping moisturization. A polysaccharide (a sort of multi-tasking molecule) from oats stimulates the production of new collagen and stronger connective tissue between cells; a marine enzyme also shores up skin's strength and firmness by boosting moisture retention. As well, a deep sea -- 3000-metres deep -- micro-organism called Abyssine 657 provides soothing extra protection against external aging elements.

Now we'll see if Canadians take notice.

3LAB is available in Canada exclusively at Murale.