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Tweet Meet: Bobbi Brown Q&A Hour on Twitter Today from 12:30 pm EST

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If you're a fan of renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown's skill and have a hankering to pick her beauty brain, today's a good day to take a lunch break. From 12:30 to 1:30 EST, Brown will answer questions via @AskBobbiBrown on Twitter.

Queries regarding choosing the right concealer shade and texture, applying gel liner like a pro, or picking the right blush hue for you -- any beauty questions in 140 characters are welcome.

Scratch that. You'll need to ask for Brown's expert advice in 125 characters instead; participants are being asked to tag questions with #prettypowerful. Why? Apparently you'll have to wait for Spring to find out.

Now off you go to compose your 125-characters-or-less questions.