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Altered Images: St. Ives Tweaks Formulas and Packaging

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St Ives Now

Have you heard? St. Ives has tweaked their recipes to include more natural, renewable ingredients and exclude parabens and phthalates. Body lotions contain aloe vera, vitamin E, oatmeal, shea butter and chamomile; face care, such as the Fresh Skin Gentle Apricot Scrub and Fresh Skin Moisturizing Olive Scrub, contain apricot and olives.

They're not 100 per cent natural, but it's a nice step away from using synthetics when they aren't necessary. And the price, of course, at under $7 each for lotions and just as reasonable for face care makes for a different kind of green happy.

The St. Ives image has been refreshed as well, with more modern label designs and fresh pops of colour.

Staff thought it a good idea to play on part of today's title, so just for Monday fun, here's a YouTube vid from an old (ouch) fave, ’80s New Wave band Altered Images.

St. Ives is available at drugstores and mass retailers. Images courtesy of St. Ives.