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F is for Fixes: Tips on Helping Your Dry, Damaged Hair Look Healthier

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Things you need to know about making dry, damaged hair look supple and shiny: 1) You can do it. 2) Treatment types depends on whether your damage is chemical, mechanical or both. 3) The process could take weeks if you have lots of hair upset to calm. 4) Again depending on tress trauma levels, you may have to make a broad scope of changes from colour to cleansers and conditioners, to stylers and styling tools to styling habits. And 5) you have to track your hair's recovery progress so you know when to switch to maintenance.

For a story on hair rescue for, I got key DIY advice from one of my favourite hair experts, Michael Victor of Delineation Skin & Hair in Toronto. His years in the industry, thorough understanding of how hair works, inside knowledge of product history, formulations and trade secrets, and own geeky love of the most random of hair details make him a beauty geek's dream. Folks have good reason to call him the hair doctor and fly in from out of town, even out of country, for his help.

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