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Happy News: Some of my Drugstore Faves in Chatelaine Magazine

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I'm not alone in thinking the drugstore aisles are a source of great beauty steals and staples that deliver exactly what they promise, often more than you expect. Many beauty-obsessed types feel the same way, have felt that way for some time. For example, in the February issue of Chatelaine Magazine, assistant style editor Kate Daley asks four beauty experts for their recommendations. A story called "Drugstore Deals" features a round-up of finds used by Vancouver-based pro hairstylist Marty Boechler, celebrity hair and makeup artist Michelle Rosen (who has worked with Sting, Coco Rocha and Nelly Furtado), makeup artist and "CityLine" regular Dino Dilio, and... me!

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Thanks so much for thinking of me, Kate!