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Book Now: Happy and a Mascara Tip from Sephora Beauty Pro Adi Lando

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with Adi Lando_Sephora on Bloor

Adi Lando made me feel pretty. On a frumpy, grumpy, so-not-happy-with-myself day, Adi, a well-known makeup artist you may have seen on "CityLine" and "Superstar Hair Challenge," made me very glad I hadn't played hermit at home like I'd really, really wanted to.

Now Adi didn't know I was grumpy. At least I don't think so. He just went to work, blending cream highlighter with a tiny amount of liquid foundation on my skin wherever he thought I needed it, sweeping my eyelids with shimmery silver-taupe shadow from Dior and smokin' them up with a line of black pencil, making my cheeks glow with a Nars The Multiple in guess-which-shade, glossing my lips with a peachy nude hue, and getting my brows right on the first try. It was beauty therapy -- check out that gleeful sparkle in my eyes! That there is a girl revived, and too pleased with the finish to give in to envy over the clear green of someone else's peepers.

Aside from making tired skin look fresh without using a lot of makeup, most interesting about Adi's skilled application is his approach to mascara: he pushes the length of the wand against the base of the lashes on each eye a few times before going back to brush up through the tips. "You have to build a base to support the lashes," he says. Really, it's a variation on the base-of-lash wand-wiggle every beauty editor's written about for years, a move that actually rather bullies my wimpy lash wannabes. Adi's wand-push trick works for me; I've been using it ever since our meet to get a bit more volume and lash intensity. Sweet.

Staff thinks it's important I ’fess up to having taken this photo back at the end of TIFF. I suppose she's right on account the fern fronds in the background give a time-has-passed vibe away. But I'll have you know I deliberately waited until now to run this so I could remind you that it's a great time to book a free appointment to test-drive New Year's Eve makeup looks with a pro at Sephora or wherever your favourite beauty counter lives. And I checked -- if you live in Toronto, Adi's going to be in town if you want to book with him.

Then you, too, can go around telling folks Adi Lando gave you a happy.

Adi Lando is a Sephora Pro Beauty Team artist at the 131 Bloor St. W location in Toronto, (416) 513-1100.