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A Single Man: Nicholas Hoult Growed Up

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So Tom Ford directed a movie. It's called A Single Man. I knew Colin Firth is the lead in it, so I watched the trailer. And spotted another familiar face. Sure, handsome Matthew Goode and beautiful Julianne Moore, but hold up -- is that...? -- holy geez.

Nicholas Hoult in About a Boy

I knew from About a Boy that Nicholas Hoult was going to have an interesting face when he grew up -- hello, those brows and eyes -- but I did not expect this. Okay, so if I lived in the UK I'd already know because, since his dorky-boy role with Hugh Grant, Hoult has been a busy little actor, most notably in an E4 teen series called "Skins." But I don't live in the UK, nor did I see A Single Man at TIFF. So I googled.

Nicholas Hoult in A Single Man

Turns out that in addition to appearing as a stalker-y character called Kenny in this flick, 6'4" Hoult does some modelling. As my friend Jenn W. noted when I told her about his new contract, he's gone from "Killing Me Softly" with a tambourine to a gig as the face of Tom Ford International.

Tom Ford and Nicholas Hoult

Photogenic much? Ford calls Hoult "Lollipop." Not for the reason you might think.

Nicholas Holt photos

Inside, I'm a 12-year-old girl.

Nicholas Hoult photo 3

There are other images online that I could not post here because although Hoult is now 20, I'm not a 12-year-old girl.

A darned good-looking film, A Single Man marks designer Tom Ford's directorial debut and is creating Oscar buzz for Firth. It opens Christmas Day.