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Sweet Success: It's Happy Holidays for Lauren Luke

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Lauren Luke and Mindy

This should be a very good Christmas for Lauren Luke. It's been another big year, her biggest so far.

You may already know of Lauren, a single mom in South Shields, England. She's made an international name for herself doing YouTube makeup tutorials for the last couple of years. Her unassuming, engaging nature, unstudied approach and signature makeup how-tos have made her an internet sensation with 39 million views and counting. Her brilliant online success has led most notably to a regular column in the British paper The Guardian, two books, her own makeup line at Sephora called By Lauren Luke ($48 CAN/$37 US each), and avatar status in a Nintendo DS virtual makeover game (totally cool or what?). She's also just been named the most promising "Newcomer of the Year" in beauty by Women's Wear Daily, which is a Very. Big. Deal.

By Lauren Luke palettes $48 CAN $37 US at Sephora

The loveliest thing about the inspirational and utterly genuine Lauren Luke is that she never saw this coming (also lovely are her eyes -- she has really beautiful eyes). She simply decided to do something she liked and went with the flow, always with the intention of making her viewers feel good about themselves. Her celeb-inspired eye makeup how-tos (I suspect her Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love" look is still one of her hottest) hit a huge chord, and as she learned about concealer, foundation and other tricks, she added those too. Here, have a look at one of her newest, a demo for blue and green eyes -- all eye colours, actually, as she eventually points out.

As well, check out Toronto makeup artist Sandy Gold's telephone interview with Lauren from earlier this year (clever to put a phoner online -- props, Sandy!) on And if the dynamic Ms Gold looks familiar herself, it's because she popped up regularly on "Stephen & Chris" to share her own tips; she's got a series of how-to vids, too.

I don't care, I'm going to be corny: Happy Christmas, Lauren -- you so deserve this!