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F is for Frippery: Two Necklaces to Guarantee Compliments

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Anthropologie metal_acrylic_cotton jersey Stormy Sea bib necklace in Blue Motif $52.85 CAN $48 US

Staff thinks I've been selfish in not telling you about these sooner -- thinks I don't want anyone else to have the same necklace. Pshaw.

I bought the Stormy Sea bib necklace in Blue Motif ($52.85 CAN/$48 US) from Anthropologie a few weeks ago and good heavens, the compliments. Enthusiastically appreciative comments come from friends and colleagues (even after they've seen me wear it several times already), as well as random strangers. (Is it talking to strangers when you say "Thank you so much" in answer to a gushing compliment if you don't accept the candy?)

Actually, I first admired spring's yellow version of the Stormy Sea bib necklace on a PR associate, Erin, when we ran into each other out and about in downtown Toronto. Then I admired summer's pale green version in the store. And the clear tangerine version Chick Advisor's Ali de Bold wore back in October. I could resist no more when I saw this one, which looks more grey than the blue in its name and works beautifully with my black and grey wardrobe (and resistance is futile when you have enablers with you -- thanks for the encouragement Michelle and Liza *grin*). It's also available in an ivory shade, and in clear.

Anthropologie metal-acrylic-polyester From O'Keeffe Necklace $52.85 CAN $48 US

I don't own this one yet, the vintage-inspired From O'Keeffe necklace ($52.85 CAN/$48 US), also from Anthro. I'm pretty sure it'll garner as many compliments as the Stormy Sea. Leave one for me, okay?

Available from Anthropology stores in Canada and the US and Images courtesy of Anthropologie.