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Enter to Win!: My TagAlongs Little Black Dis-tress Kit

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MyTagAlongs hits the evening-shindig circuit this season with the Little Black Dis-tress Kit ($25 CAN/$23 US), a zippered pouch filled with every fix one might need in a last-minute fashion emergency. Got a deodorant smear on your dress? No problem -- buff it off the fabric with a deodorant-remover sponge. Got a loose hem? Stitch it up quick with needle and thread. Dreading the painful pumps? Pop in a pair of ball-of-foot cushions. Chipped your polish? Whip out the Nail Polish Remover Travel Wipe. The stash also contains a deodorant wipe and makeup-remover wipe, a pair of stay-up black stockings, and a 911 tin that houses double-sided fashion tape, adhesive bandages, a nail file, tweezers, flossers and a hair elastic.

Of course the kit can come in handy in times other than the holiday-party stretch. Pre-meeting snags at the office, desk-to-dinner plans, travel... you get the idea.

If you're a lives-in-Canada BeautyGeeks subscriber, you can enter to win your own MyTagAlong Little Black Dis-tress Kit. To become a subscriber, click here, then send a DISTRESS KIT e.mail to with your name, age, address and phone number in the body. A winner's name will be drawn after Saturday December 12th.

Seems like the only thing this kit can't do is find you a date. At least you can go it alone knowing you've got your style details all sewn up.

MyTagAlongs products are available at The Bay and specialty retailers in Canada, as well as via, which also ships to the US. Image courtesy of MyTagAlongs.