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F is for Fortify: Yoplait Asana for Strong Bones -- and an Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff

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Staff's annoyed with me today. I stumbled onto a contest she doesn't want me to tell you about because it decreases her chances to win. Oy.

Yoplait Asana is a new yogurt fortified with calcium, vitamin D and Milk Basic Protein to help strengthen bones. In fact, Asana provides 20 per cent of the recommended daily intake of calcium, which is twice the calcium of regular yogurt. And via a Stay Strong Pledge contest on, it could also provide you and up to three friends each with an Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff bracelet from Tiffany & Co. (this is why Staff is sulking) and a gym membership (funny, she's not sulking about that).

Why am I telling you about this? Because I've long covetted an Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff and am hoping I get to be somebody's one-of-three! Here, check out the deets and lemme know when we win (that'll really get Staff's cranky goat). Contest closes on December 1st.


Yoplait Asana image courtesy of Yoplait.