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More Smoke: An Easy Smoky-Eye Vid from Michelle Rosen and

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Smokey Eyes by Michelle Rosen

I'm not obsessed with smoky-eye how-tos. I'm obsessed with getting across that there are many, many ways to get the look, and obsessed with dispelling the misconception that smoky-eye makeup is difficult to do. Here's an as-easy-as-promised step-by-step by makeup pro Michelle Rosen, who uses a combo of soft, shimmery shades then adds depth with a matte shadow. This is a follow-up of the simple day-makeup vid I swiped from a little while back; together these videos are great examples of workday makeup  and its transformation to after-five fabulous. Kind of a hot topic this festive-shindig time of year, right?

Video courtesy of Michelle Rosen is represented by judy inc.