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Slender-Calf Boots: Skinny-Fit Solutions

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Aldo boot $260

Turns out finding boots for slender calves is even more of a trick than sourcing generous fits.

Stretch boots are an option because they typically have a narrower cut. Town Shoes' Crissi Giamos suggests the season's trendy over-the-knee boot as a solution (shown, Aldo over-the-knee boot, $260). Fans of more classic styles, however, may have to resort to having their boots altered.

Linda Aprile, an administrative assistant at Marsh Canada, an insurance brokerage, had her leather boots taken in at Mr. Presto Shoe Repair in Toronto's TD Centre. "The shape didn't change at all; he did a great job," she says.

Owner Jimmy Langton says it's a labour-intensive effort that requires care and precision. "I do them when I'm less busy. They take more time than stretching because they have to be fitted to the customer, and what can and cannot be done has to be explained." He figures he does about 20 or 30 of those per year; the cost starts at about $65.

Kaner's Handbag & Shoe Repair in Toronto's Yorkville area also takes boots in; rates start at about $75. For a capable shoe craftsperson in your area, check with your local shoe stores for a referral.

UPDATE: For boots made for the slender-of-leg, try The site features three basic boot styles -- flat, two-and-a-half inch heels, and four-inch heels -- in black suede and brown. Cost is $395 USd plus shipping; the company says it ships worldwide.

A version of this story appears in today's Metro News. Image courtesy of Aldo.

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