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Scrub-a-Dub-Dub: Upper Canada Soap Ultimate Body Sponge

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Upper Canada Soap Ultimate Body Sponge $5

While we're on the subject of shower companions, might I suggest the Upper Canada Soap Ultimate Body Sponge? Not your average shower-gel pouff, the Ultimate is a dual-personality type. One side is -- okay, your average shower-gel pouff. The other, however, is cleverly woven to mimic a loofah texture for buffing away those dry flakies that hinder skin's ability to absorb moisturizer. Moisturizer you'll apply within three minutes of dabbing off excess water with a towel post shower, right?

Sure, the Ultimate Body Sponge ($5) would be improved if it came packaged with, say, Ian Somerhalder, or Daniel-C or Clive-O to get those hard-to reach places, such as right between your shoulder blades.

Oh, c'mon -- like you didn't expect such a comment.

Upper Canada products are available at select department stores, boutiques, and in Canada; visit for US retailers.