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Bath Buddy: Joe Fresh Hits the Showers

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I'm functioning on rather less sleep than I should be. Again. Makes getting up ’n’ at ’em a bit of a trick, especially when we have a max of what feels like only four hours of daylight this time of year, even with the sweet warm reprive we're enjoying. Does 6 pm feel a lot more like 10 pm to anyone else? So I need a big-time, high-energy bribe. Like a man. In my shower. Hello, Joe.

When Clive-O isn't available, Joe Fresh is the rise'n'shine I need first thing. At the moment the candy-citrus zip of Fresh Lemon body wash, body polish and body balm ($4 CAN each for 250 mL/$6 CAN per 50 mL travel trio) is my reward for paying attention to my very rude alarm clock. And I'm practically swooning at the thought of sampling other facets of Joe's shower sass -- lime, nectarine, grapefruit, marine and pomegranate. Fresh indeed.

Joe Fresh Bath includes body mist and liquid hand soap ($4 CAN each); visit for retail locations.