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If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Victoria Secret Pink Comes to Canada

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What is it about the American collegiate experience that makes even Canadians go gaga for a piece of it? I should have asked the eager lineup of shoppers awaiting the Square One, Missisauga opening of the Pink by Victoria Secret store last Thursday. But I didn't have to. I've seen "Greek," that shiny, perky, preppy, pretty-people ABC-family show about sorority and frat life shot in soft lighting. And sometimes I want to go to there. Of course I've also been influenced by other college dramas such as "Felicity" -- I want my own hot-boy love-triangle troubles, please -- and waaaaay back in movie world, and more appropriately, Revenge of the Nerds(oh Anthony Edwards, how cute were you?).

So I can't help it. If I were skinny, and half my age, I would wear this cuddly, hooded, belted grey sweater ($145) and countless other exuberantly adorable-sexy garments to be found at VS Pink, and revel in a fantasy life of lithe youthfulness, hella-good-time mixers, and too-cute college fratboys.

Another Victoria Secret Pink store, the fourth of four in the Great White North, opens on November 5th at Vaughan Mills in Vaughan. On opening day, shoppers will receive a free "I ♥ Canada" tee (a $10 value) with any purchase while supplies last.

Waterloo and Burlington locations opened at the end of last month; visit for more info. Image courtesy of VS Pink.