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Brow Makeover: Pretty Malin Akerman

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Staff felt it important that I put "pretty" in the title to make it clear that I'm not slagging Malin Akerman for her thin brows. Smart idea, actually, because I'm not slagging, merely suggesting change for Malin Akerman's brows if there's a grow-them-thicker possibility.

malin akerman: skinny brows vs fuller brows

There must be a way for Malin Akerman's brows to bulk up. In fact, around the Couples Retreat premiere, reported Malin Akerman's brows had only just grown in -- she'd shaved them off for HappyThankyouMorePlease, a film in which her character has alopecia, an autoimmune disorder in which the body thinks it's allergic to hair in specific areas or entirely. (Malin Akerman trivia: years ago before her name hit the movie marquis boards, Malin Akerman was a Toronto model. My pal and former booker Janice was a booker at Ford when Malin was a model with the agency. Sweet is the word.)


Funny thing is that Malin Akerman's brows have troubled me for ages. Gorgeous girl, severely thin age-a-face brows. So I fixed them in Photoshop. Whaddya think?