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Lap Dance: OPI and Dell Make Pretty

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I have really got to stop falling in love with personal appliances. I'm far too much in love with the one I'm using now; carrying its weight around with me all day every day for a year and a half has nearly wrecked my shoulder. I knew months ago that I should switch to a smaller, lighter model, but I resisted, worried a reduced size might not be enough for my considerable needs.

Now a snappy new machine has caught my eye. Compact and lightweight, it'll fit in a smaller bag and alleviate all my ouchie shoulder stress, but how it looks is giving me tingles, thrilling my not-so-inner beautygeek. A Dell mini laptop in a hot OPI colour? I am so very, very tempted.

If you didn't already know that nail colour is bigger than ever -- OPI Executive VP and artistic director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann says it's been a great year despite the financial murkiness we've experienced -- a new partnership between OPI and Dell computers celebrates polish in a fun high-tech fashion. Starting November 2nd in the US, then in December for Canada, you'll be able to choose an OPI-like finish for your new Dell Mini, Inspiron or Studio laptop.

"Laptops are so personal for young people, now -- my daughter even goes to sleep with hers," Suzi told me yesterday at the launch for her Spring 2010 collection. "Nail colour is personal expression, too, so as soon as Dell suggested the idea to me, it made sense. Now I tell everyone, 'match your nails to your e.mails!'"

Six shades kick off the partnership, with 20 more rolling out in the next few months. "We started with the most popular polish colours and chose the shades that are perfect matches," said Suzi. Holiday hues include Dear Santa, a glittery red; Holiday Glow, a silver-shot burgundy; Up Front & Personal, a sparkly gold; and the iconic red I'm Not Really A Waitress. Suzi's favourite shade is, unexpectedly, Kyoto Pearl, a classic shimmery pearlized white. "In my own world I need a little peace," she explained, referencing her black-and-grey wardrobe as an example of the simple palette she uses to keep herself grounded. "I dream colour."

I'm going to spend some time on careful research -- as much as I'm attracted to the stylish Dell Mini with its hot OPI finish, I'm not sure I can get over my MacBook love. But damn, I'm tempted.

OPI is the latest in stylin' looks Dell offers as part of their personalize-your-personal-Dell-computer services. At the moment only the US Design Studio section of shows a teaser of the OPI colours. For some reason, getting to the Design Studio area on the Canadian site is less direct; click here to access the Canadian Design Studio page. Pricing will depend on the type of computer you choose and your level of customization; expect Canadian costs to start at just under $400 for a 10.1-inch screen Mini 10. Images courtesy of OPI and Dell.