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Bourjois Paris Liner Effect Mascara

a mascara that lines your eyes as it defines your eyelashes
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Bourjois Paris Liner Effect Mascara

Bourjois Paris Liner Effect Mascara

Oh you betcha I hadda try Bourjois Paris Liner Effect Mascara. It's a mascara that promises to give eyes a lined look while lengthening eyelashes! If anyone is qualified to assess the effectiveness of a two-in-one mascara like this, it's me: my can't-not-do-it makeup move is lining the inner upper rim of my lids to make my pansy-ass wimpy lashes look fuller. My danged lashes are the only skinny thing on my freakin' body. Whoa, sorry -- sometimes the bitterness she gets out. 

So, does Bourjois Paris Liner Effect Mascara ($20 CAN) work?

For me, yes. I don't get quite the same line intensity as I do with properly lining the upper inner rim of my lids, but, on its own, Liner Effect goes nicely with what I like to call "yoga-class pretty." That would be weekend-morning natural-looking freshness: born-with-it bright eyes, glowing cheeks and melon-licious lips. A no-makeup makeup look.

how bourjois paris liner effect mascara works

The key is the brush, natch. Compact rows of wee stubby bristles on one side allow the brush to make contact with the lid at the very base of the lashes in order to deposit a "line" of mascara at the roots. Longer bristles on the other side of the wand pulls mascara through lashes to lengthen them.

If I'm more pressed for time than usual, I'll use this mascara and skip the inner-upper-rim liner. My tragically sparse lashes make getting the Liner Effect brush right against the edge of my lids easy, unless I'm making up in the back of a moving vehicle -- not the best place for this application. I'm not sure, though, how it'll play with the lusher-lashed (as if I care). Maybe you'll figure it out watching Bourjois colour director Christophe Durand use it in this smoky-eye makeup demo? (I'm just fascinated at his dexterity with those itsy shadow applicators.)

UPDATE: Sadly, the video I wanted to show you is now gone; I guess Christophe Durand's contract with Bourjois Paris is up because the videos have been removed and replaced with new stuff by a new artist. Not that there's anything wrong with the new videos, but I so liked the charm of the others. Oh well! (Also, important bloggy lesson learned: linking to brand videos comes with the risk that your link will eventually lead to nothing.)

Bourjois Paris cosmetics are available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale. Product image courtesy of Bourjois Paris;